ERBA Translations magyar

Discounts for regular customers:

We give you a credit of 10 thousand HUF after every 100 thousand words!

Sample rates:

The below prices apply to the translation/proofreading of editable files
(e.g. in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint format) with text of an average complexity.

The total price to be paid is based on the number of words in the source language.

editable Word document

15 HUF / word + VAT

PDF document

17 HUF / word + VAT


50% of the applicable translation rate

Final rates are always determined on a case-by-case basis; prices may be higher or lower than the ones quoted above. Furthermore, customers tend to have individual requirements with respect to editing, formatting,  or non-translatable parts.  

Send your file(s) to be translated to info@e-szakforditas.hu, indicating the deadline and the target language.

  ERBA BT.    info@e-szakforditas.hu   Tel.: (+36 30) 250 9959    Fax: (+36 23) 374 742